Florida’s Nursing Home Report Card According to Tallahassee Elder Care Advocacy Group

Recently, Families for Better Care, based in Tallahassee, Florida, released the first ever state-by-state report card evaluating the quality and adequacy of patient care provided to elderly and disabled residents in nursing homes. Grades for the best and worst states were addressed in one of our previous blogs.

What about Florida’s rankings? How did Florida measure up in each category and what does the sub-grading in each category mean?  Here, we’ll take a look at what Families for Better Care found in its home state.

Florida’s Report Card Scoring

In order to properly develop the rating behind Florida’s Nursing Home Report Card, Families for Better Care analyzed a combination of staffing data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, performance data from CMS‘s Nursing Home Compare, and complaint data from each Office of State Long-term Care Ombudsman.

The following Key Findings were summarized for the state of Florida:

  • Worst Areas: Professional nursing services were almost non-existent in Florida’s nursing homes, wherein each resident averaged only 39 minutes of professional nursing care per day.
  • Best Areas: Less than 10 percent of Florida’s nursing homes cited a severe deficiency while 1 in 3 scored above average on health inspections.
  • Report Card Highlight: Florida’s above average nursing home care ranks first in the Southeast Region, scoring the region’s highest grade in direct care staffing hours.


Listed below are the individual criteria used to score each date. Florida’s grade in each category and national rank are also shown:

  • Facilities with Deficiencies – Grade: C, US Rank: 24th

Notes: About 91% of Florida nursing homes experienced some deficiencies, contributing to a failure to meet recommended care standards for individual attention, conditions, and sanitation.

  • Facilities with Severe Deficiencies – Grade: A, US Rank: 7th

Notes: Less than 9% of nursing homes exhibited severe deficiencies, conditions below the minimum, safe living standards for residents or conditions posing immediate threats to residents’ safety and well-being.

  • Direct Care Staffing Above Average – Grade: C, US Rank: 25th

Notes: About 65% of nursing homes were determined to provide an above-average quality of individual attention to residents.

  • Direct Care Staffing Hours – Grade: A, US Rank: 5th

Notes: Nursing homes were determined to provide an adequate quantity of recommended hours in terms of individual attention to residents, at 2.83 hours per resident.

  • Health Inspections Above Average – Grade: A, US Rank: 8th

Notes: Nearly 36% of nursing homes received an above-average score on health inspections.

  • RN Hours– Grade: F, US Rank: 44th

Notes: This grade is a reflection of Florida’s ever-growing demand for licensed Registered Nurses, as RN direct-care hours averaged only 0.65 hours per patient, where the recommended standard is 3 hours per patient per day.

  • RN Staffing Above Average – Grade: F, US Rank: 42nd

Notes: Again, this grade coincides with Florida’s lack of RN presence, as overall above-average quality of care from RN Staffing ranks low, partially in relation to the low number of nurses to begin with coupled with the strains on low numbers of existing nurses.

  • Verified Ombudsman Complaints – Grade: A, US Rank: 7th

Notes: Of all complaints registered, Ombudsman substantiated only about 50% of them across the state.

Overall, the state of Florida ranked high in the upper quartile of all states; missing the Top 10 “best” list by just one rank and receiving a top grade of B, for 11th overall in the US.

Local Winners

A few local nursing homes have been received honorable mentions according to US News and consistent with the criteria used by the recent Report Card rankings:

  • Bon Secours Maria Manor Nursing Care Center

10300 4Th ST N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33716

  • Brighton Gardens of Tampa

16702 North Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618

  • Canterbury Towers Inc.

3501 Bayshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629


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